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1. What can I expect from an Apprenticeship?

  • To develop your personal and practical skills making you more employable
  • To gain work related know-how
  • To ‘earn while you learn!’  – you’ll get a wage, work with experienced staff and get  job skills
  • To get a nationally-recognised qualification proving you have the skills to do a job
  • One day a week at college or visits from an assessor to see you at work.

2. What’s a ‘provider’?

Providers are the people that Boss Kit hooks you up with – they are ready and willing to take on an Apprentice in the sector you want. So we help you figure out what you want to do, tell you which Provider wants you - then we bring you together – easy!

3.  What if my qualifications don’t fit the bill?

Don’t worry – you’ve still got options.  You might suit an intermediate level. Still not sorted? Then check out Traineeships or Study Programmes (links) . They’re essentially warm-up classes for the   Apprenticeship big leagues. 

4. Cut to the chase, do I get paid? And how much?

Surprised it took you this long to ask!  In short, yes! You get paid as an Apprentice, which isn’t bad considering you’re also getting the experience and skills to needed to really get on. We can’t tell you exactly how much -  it varies between sectors and employers  but you’ll get at  least the National Minimum Wage for your age.  First step, let’s get you through BossKit so you can get your answer.

5. How many hours?

Again, like wage,  it varies on sector and provider, so let’s get you through Boss Kit and link you to    your provider. Apprenticeships are real jobs, so you’ll have to pull your weight but you are also there to learn and given the chance to take in what you’re learning. 30 hours work.

6. What would be my next step after an Apprenticeship?

Whatever you choose! You could move up the Apprenticeship levels - if you start on a Level 2/Intermediate, you can progress onto  Level 3/Advanced, and if you really get the taste for it, there are Level 4 & 5 Apprenticeships, and Team Leading or Management once you get management responsibilities.  You could even use your apprenticeship qualifications to go on to University if that  was of interest.

7. What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is  for 16-24 year olds who want but can’t get an apprenticeship yet, and first need further skills and experience. A Traineeship is the step before an Apprenticeship allowing you to gain the skills and experience you need.

8. What is a Study Programme?

A programme of study is exclusive 16 to 19 year olds and whereas traineeships focus on those who have weak maths and English programmes of study doesn't.

9. I’ve got a job already – can I do an Apprenticeship where am now?

Yes and that’s great news – all you need is the support of your employer, allowing you time to study or be assessed in your workplace.  Employers are usually impressed that you are motivated to develop your skills and learning – after all, it benefits their business as well. If your employer has any doubts, our toolkit (link) provides advice and support in getting your employer’s support.

An apprenticeship takes at least 12 months to complete and your assessor will be with you throughout the time it takes to complete the apprenticeship – they will be your new best friend!

10. What Apprenticeships can Boss Kit help me with?

Loads, basically! Boss Kit can get you into various different types including;

  • Business Administration; Management
  •  Childcare, Learning & Development; Health & Social Care.
  •  Construction; Engineering; Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  •  Hospitality & Catering; Retail; Hairdressing; customer Service
  • IT & Telecom Professionals

Click here for more details on different apprenticeships.